Analisa Ellery Queen Novel

A. The Analysis of “The Origin OF Evil” by Ellery Queen

Ellery was so confused about the victims. He had tried to find about what he had been murdered Rata Penuhhim. Thus, he meets Laurel Hill in some place. Laurel is a daughter of the victim, Leander Hill. He asks her about his father. Laurel starts telling Ellery. Just before his father dead, actually on June 3, he got a dead dog. The dead dog brought a casket (a tiny silver box-about the size of pillbox-attached to the collar).

Laurel Hill and Ellery are discussing about the dog. Laurel storied the casket brought a pepper. It wrote “Leander Hill” in black crayon. Dr. Voluta dropped it and she never found it again. Afterward, His father called Roger Priam (his father friend and partner). He looked so angry and asked Laurel Hill left the room and the phone. He asked Laurel do not put the telephone. In addition, during the night of June, Leander Hill dead in his slept. Dr. Voluta said that last shock to his heart did it. He was cremated and his ashes are in bronze drawer fifteen feet from the floor at the forest Lawn. It likes what he wanted and that is where he is. Finally, they will try to find the murderer, because the dead is abnormally.

First, they come to Delia Priam. She is Roger Priam wife. She tells them that Roger Priam got a dead and a small box. The box had letter marked “Roger Priam” and inside it is a message. However, she does not know what it was. By the time, Mrs. Priam lets Laurel Hill out, because she wants to talk with Ellery. Actually, Mrs. Priam wants Ellery safe his husband.

Secondly, they arrive in Roger Priam house. He is unpleasant person. He asks them to go away. He does not want some body disturbs. An hour a half later, they get back home so tired. Laurel Hill leans on the wall. Laurel Hill meets Crowe McGowan (Delia’s child by her first husband).

Crowe McGowan’s house is so great. They he has a copy of a message. It it the content “

“You believed me dead. Killed, murdered. For over a score of years, I have leaked for you-for you and for him. And Now, I have found you. Can you guess my plan? You will die, quickly. No, very slowly. And so pay me back for my long years of searching and dreaming of revenge. Slow dying . . . . unavoidable dying. For you and for him. Slow and sure-dying in mind and in body. And for each pace forward a warning . . . a warning of special meaning for you-and him. Meanings for pondering and puzzling. Here is warning number one.”

They have conclusion that Leander and Roger have common enemy. Somebody wants his and her father dead. It implicate their father had killed somebody.

The next morning, Ellery called the Los Angeles Police department and asked to speak to the officer in charge of the Public relations Department. He is Sergeant Lordetti. In addition, he called Hollywood Division, Lieutenant Keats. He request for Lieutenant to call hi as son as possible. After while, Roger Priam gets sick. At the night, Laurel Hill and McGowan come to Ellery house to discuss it. They find, every people know that the murderer wants he dies slowly like Leander Hill.

They find the murderer so smart. Afterwards, they know he used theory evolution by Charles Darwin. It was like, three gangs A, B, and C. Gang A employs B to kill c. However, Gang A kill B because A was bigger than B. Actually, he is Adam. Moreover, Adam is Alfred Wallace. He is a secretary of Roger Priam. They cannot prove it.

B. The Analysis of “Laurel Hill”

Laurel Hill is protagonist flat character. She always follows the development of their father case. She tries what she can do, although not alone.

Laurel Hill is young girl. She is about nineteen years old. She likes pretty. “was sun-bathing in the doorway of his Hollywood bedroom when the pretty young girl appeared. She was dressed in zebra-stripped culottes and bolero over a bra-like doodad of bright green suede. Green open-toed sandals on her tiny feet. A small and slender number, but three-dimensional where it counted.” (page. 6)

Laurel hill is a daughter of Leander Hill. Leander Hill is the victim. “I am a daughter of Leander Hill, who has Hill and Priam, wholesale Jeweler. We live of outpost, not far from here. Twelve acres of hospital lopsided woods. Formal garden, with mathematical eucalyptus abs Royal palms and plenty of Bougainvilleas, bird-of-paradise, pointsettia-all of stuff that curls up and dies at touch of frost, which we get regularly again, not in southern California. (page 8)

She is an easygoing girl. She is not interested in love like girl in that time. She loves her father more than she does. Someday, McGowan said he loves her but Laurel did not receive him. She wants to know about his father’s only.

C. Laurel Hill Conflicts in “The Origin of Evil”

Laurel Hill gets three kinds of conflicts. There are social conflicts, psychological conflicts and elemental conflicts. Social conflict is conflict between Laurel Hill and other people around the story. Psychological conflict is some problems that Laurel got in the story by herself. Moreover, Elemental conflict is conflict between Laurel and the nature.

1. Laurel Hill’s Social Conflict

Laurel Hill is social conflicts when she met Ellery Queen, the Policeman, Delia Priam, Roger Priam, Alfred Wallace, and Crowe McGowan.

a. Laurel Hill vs. Ellery Queen

She asks Ellery Queen to investigate about her father dead. She met Ellery in the some place and beginning tells the story. They are social conflicts when they are in the restaurant, in the Delia Priam house, in the Roger Priam house and in the Leander Hill house.

At the beginning in the story, Laurel met Ellery Queen and they talk about Laurel’s father. She told that a dead dog murdered her father. Ellery was curious about that. In addition, he told that want to help her find the true murderer. “How exactly, Laurel, did a dead dog ‘kill’ your father?. It murdered him.” (Page 7)

In the Delia Priam house, Ellery permits Delia to drink, but Laurel did not. She says that Delia does not drink. “Drink, Mrs. Priam? “Delia doesn’t drink,” said Laurel in the same warm, friendly voice. Two jets spurted from her nostrils. (Page 21)

They come to Roger Priam house continuing them investigate. However, they get a problem, Mr. Priam want them go. Moreover, Laurel angry and Ellery scream to Laurel. “Let go of me,” she whispered. “Let go.” “Laurel,” said Ellery. (Page 37)

Laurel tells Ellery about the fee. Ellery does not take the case. He is sitting on the chair. Laurel wants the case is finished. However, Ellery has different thought. “Are you taking these case, or aren’t you? “I don’t know, Laurel.” “I’ve talk to my lawyers. The estate isn’t settled, but I can get the money together to give you retainer of five thousand dollars. “It isn’t the money, Laurel.” “If you don’t want to bother, say no and I’ll get someone else.” “That’s always the alternative, of course.” “But you are just sitting here!” “I’m making a few preliminary inquires,” he said patiently. “From this-this ivory tower?” “Stucco. What I’ll do, Laurel, depends entirely on what I find out.” “You have sold out to Delia, that’s what you’ve done,” Laurel cried.(page 62)

b. Laurel Hill vs. The Policeman

They are social conflict when Laurel was being angry. She told to the story about the dead dog. The Policeman laughs her. “Because the police are dummies.” (page 6)

c. Laurel Hill vs. Delia Priam

They are social conflict when, Delia Priam tells about his husband get a box. It likes Leander Hill’s got, a black box without a name and black color. It was also no name. Laurel was surprised about that. “A dead dog, said Laurel. “Another dead dog! ” Laurel looked something like a little dog herself, nose up, testing the air. It was remarkable how meaningless she was across from Delia Priam. As sexless as a child. “It would have to have been awfully small one, Laurel. The box wasn’t more than a foot square, of cardboard.” (page 23)

d. Laurel Hill vs. Roger Priam

They are social conflict when meet on Roger Priam house. Laurel hit Roger cheek. They look like hate each other. “You’re afraid, Roger, said Laurel Hill. Priam half-raised his bulk, his eyes boiling. The lava burst with a roar. “Me afraid? Afraid of what? A ghost? What d’ye think I am, another Leander Hill? The snivel in’ dirt! Shaking in his shoes-looking over his shoulder-creeping on his face! He was born a—yellowbelly, and he died the same--.” Laurel hits him on the cheek with her first. His left arm came up impatiently and brushed her aside. She staggered backward halfway across the room in to Alfred Wallace’s arms. (page 37)

e. Laurel Hill vs. Alfred Wallace

They are social conflict when Laurel listen something strange in the room. She knocks the door very curious and angry because the sound heard not well for her ears. “The roar as a bass snarl now.” “I don’t give a damn what Mr. Hill wanted to do about the Newman-Acro account, Foss! Mr. Hill’s locked in a drawer in Forest Lawn and he ain’t in any condition to give us the benefits of his advise . . . . No’ I won’t wait a minute, Foss! I’m running this—business, and you’ll either handle things my way or get the hell out!”

2. Laurel Hill vs. Laurel Hill’s Elemental Conflict

Laurel Hill is elemental conflict when she cried out of McGowan love. McGowan is fall in love for her. However, Laurel does not know what she should do. Laurel cried out. (Page 80)

3. Laurel Hill’s Psychological Conflict

Laurel Hill loves his father much. He tries to find out what happen. She is elemental conflicts when he cried. She is debated with Ellery Queen about the suspect. “You’ve sold out to Delia, that’s what you’ve done,” Laurel Cried. (page 62).

Laurel Hill is elemental conflicts when she walks alone at night. She was so nervous about hiring Ellery Queen in this case. She knows that McGowan, Delia and she hired him. It was huge trouble. “”What difference does it make? You hired him, Delia hired him, everybody was doing it, so I did it too. Let’s talk about something else. If we’ve got to talk. (page 78)

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